In My Words

Well – it has been awhile since my last post.  Life raced by. Full of good things like: Hosting retreats and workshops for Jack Ridl.  Delighting in the birth of (now 5) grandchildren. A bit of traveling.  And their were also the unexpected bends in the road that send us scrambling – scrambling for words to help make meaning,  sense of the senseless. Though it has been awhile since my last post I haven’t stopped “fooling around with words.”   I’ve been participating in Jack Ridl’s Landscapes of Poetry workshop as well as enjoying One-on-One mentoring sessions with him. All this to explain why new posts will more often be poetry than prose. Below a poem, dedicated to the man in my life who this year will celebrate with me, 43 years – Robert John DeNooyer.



Just this little time and
perhaps a little more

­– Jack Ridl, Suite for Turning of the Year

Tell me again
how little time. No
show me. Show me

the puffed throat of
the Cactus Wren
just before he begins

to trill. Show me the sun
sneaking into the sky
just before the colors

startle into day.
Dare me
to stand still

not just to ten.

Feeling now
the slight breeze

across my skin
lifting leaves, petals
wisps of your hair.

Then, in this little time
hear you whisper
Love me.

                    – for Roberto, February 14, 2015

Colette Volkema DeNoyer